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PAIGAM  (People’s Association In Grassroots Action and Movement ) is an aggregator of activists , researchers, practitioners and organizations that aims to bring together social efforts at the local , national and global levels through media advocacy and action research.



project sahara

 The word “SAHARA”, which translates to support, is an initiative by PAIGAM to provide entrepreneurial/socio-economic assistance to (semi-skilled) women workers in the beautiful hills of Kalimpong and Darjeeling. The project aims to provide financial aid and employment opportunities to housewives, women running small scale businesses, single mothers, divorced women and college students.


स्वधर्म (SWADHARM) Initiative

An initiative to facilitate sustainable livelihoods of our fellow citizens (Sahabhagis) and to mutually share, learn and work with those who have been expertly and efficiently managing the day to day functioning of our economy for decades now but who have largely remained invisible, and have been devastated in the current times of crisis.


Delhi Waste Pickers' Fight Against Covid-19

PAIGAM, in partnership with Basti Suraksha Manch, is providing a safety kit, immediate minimum income support and advocating for waste pickers’ just, equal and dignified participation in the society.


Project AeSha

We are working with families of single mothers, situated in the North-Eastern district of Delhi, who have been affected by the current conflict ridden socio-political climate.


Media Advocacy

We are committed to amplifying issues that matter through its key focus on media advocacy, awareness and dissemination.



Our partnerships with various individuals, organisations or institutions at national and international levels help us to further our mission and create new opportunities.



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