Covid-19 Delhi Relief Work

The measures to contain the COVID-19 (Corona) virus, to which there is no known solution yet, have created situations of grave human distress to which solutions are very much present but need collective support.

The lockdown measures that were in effect till April 14th and which have been extended till May 3rd have affected various communities differently. Daily wage workers, small business owners, street hawkers, migrant workers, in short, the backbone of the Indian economy is yet again, involuntarily, bearing the maximum stress of the lockdown and it is beginning to crack severely.

Labourers have been the most severely impacted in this challenging period. PAIGAM along with Basti Suraksha Manch and other partnering communities and organizations initially supported the waste picking communities of Delhi by providing hygiene safety kits. But even as we were involved in this effort, the overwhelming need was food, basic supply of dry ration. PAIGAM in partnership with Basti Suraksha Manch distributed 500 hygiene kits and expanded its activity to procuring, mapping, coordinating and delivering dry ration supplies from various sources to places where they were required the most.

We have thus far been able to coordinate and directly deliver more than 3000 dry ration kits to various communities across Delhi in partnership with government administration, political leaders and collectives involved in relief work. In addition to dry ration, in four communities across Delhi, PAIGAM in partnership with IPAC (Sabki Rasoi) and community organizers has also coordinated the distribution of more than 8000 prepared food packets since April 2nd 2020.

PAIGAM has also developed a decentralized approach to reach individuals and families that lack access to relief support. PAIGAM is getting leads from government relief helplines like Delhi Commission for Protection of Child Rights (DCPCR) and various grassroots sources about individuals and families who are unable to access relief measures provided by the government and relief efforts groups.

PAIGAM team members are interacting personally with these individuals and families and after verifying personally with them their situation, directing them to their local stores where ration is available. PAIGAM is using digital payment platforms (Paytm, GooglePay etc) to directly transfer fixed sums to the stores where the individuals and families can purchase products according to their needs. Each case is documented meticulously.

We appeal to you to support PAIGAM and its collaborating groups and individuals in these efforts to not let the backbone of our country, the working class, succumb to situations which are completely avoidable through collective action.

Our work has been featured on TV by NewsX and OPedro, a restaurant based in Mumbai.

For any other information, contact:

Co-Founder & Director – Outreach & Community Engagement

Phone: +91 8197095784

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