Bittersweet Days-Shram Ko Naman

Migrant workers from Uttar Pradesh would find rich employment opportunities in the Sugarcane belt around Pune. As migrant workers scurry back home amidst coronavirus concerns, jaggery production schedule has taken a different turn. This small-scale business is working on diminished capacity as only 10% of migrant workers decided to stay back.
Now these workers burn the midnight oil as production facility runs 24 hours a day, with workers working in 3 shifts. As Maharashtra, the government allowed over 1 lakh cane-cutters to return to their hometowns, the workers face a dilemma — to continue sugarcane cutting over virus fears or risk-taking the virus home with them. The promise of some employment offers respite, but the days are still only bittersweet.
Facing the uncertainty and trials of seasonal employment as the sugarcane season passes by, the migrant workers from UP are caught between a rock and a hard place. With the fear of the virus looming over them and the closure of many sugarcane mills for the time being, the migrant workers are weathering this storm to the best of their abilities.

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