Narratives of Resilience-Shram Ko Naman

As the economy tries to get back up on its feet, the stories of resilience run across demographics. From sex workers to business owners, the pandemic has, albeit disproportionately, brought a storm of economic concern in the lives of the people. Amidst uncertainty and naive optimism, all economic actors are responding differently. As gym owners protest and demand the re-opening of gyms and unions fight for job security, hotels breathe a sigh of relief with permission being granted for hotels to reopen. Migrant workers rush back home, local businesses get back up on their feet and sex workers find aid in the hands of NGOs. After 7 months of the pandemic, some journeys of struggle and hardships are reaching a sweet end, while some are reaching a climax.

Each narrative of resilience tells a different story; some of gracious help at the 11th hour, some of a ray of hope, and some of bravery and courage in voicing dissent. In an amalgamation of hope and despair, communities are coming together to unitedly face the storm; be it NGOs stepping up, unions setting to the streets or migrant workers taking the same bus back home. As the pandemic plays out, these stories are yet to finish

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