YOU CAN (Youth Capability & Nutrition Program) or the Sambhav Initiative is a program that aims to fill the knowledge gap created during the past one year or more and foster health and wellbeing in the Jhuggi-Jhopri colony of Seelampur that is usually inhabitated by underprivileged families forming an urban slum cluster situated in Delhi.

Apart from its objective of improving the academic performance of the children at the school level, both online in the current format and offline after the re-opening of the schools, the project also aims at –
1.  Providing social support to the community
2.  Increasing voluntary participation in diverse knowledge building activities
3.  Enhancing community cooperation through group activities and prevent instances of acute food shortage.

The following would be achieved by –
1. Providing tuition support for improving academic performance of the children
2. Conducting various community-based nutrition-specific and nutrition-sensitive learning and recreational activities with the women and children of the community among other things

We can’t do any of this life-enriching work without your support. Help us in responding to the immense needs of vulnerable children and families of Seelampur, Delhi through raising an amount of Rs. 460000.

We are also open to accepting donations in kind.

For any other information, contact:

Monica sharma
+91 78381 09969

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